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Parking in a Fire Route

Parking on Private Property without a Valid Permit

Parking in a Non-Designated Area on Private Property

Parking in a Designated Disabled Space without a Valid Disabled Parking Permit

Darkcity Security is accredited by municipality to offer our clients parking enforcement services on private properties. Our authorized private parking enforcement officers designated as Municipal Law Enforcement Officers (M.L.E.O.s) issue parking tickets or tags for violating or breaching specified parking bylaws stipulated by municipality. Our officer will issue parking ticket/tag at property owner’s discretion as per by-law to a vehicle on private property in a non-designated spot. We stand by our clients and our Darkcity Security’s MLEOs will represent our client in court to report parking offenses during the trial, offering graphic and written details. We work with the City to make sure our client’s properties have all the designated signs posted to get approval for tagging/towing. We offer our parking enforcement services throughout the clock, on demand request, through regular patrol check and with random checks.

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