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Introduction to the Investigation Industry



This lesson consists of a brief history of the investigation industry. You will receive a brief overview of the legislation as it applies to private investigators and how it will affect your role.



The Private Security and Investigative Services Act



In this lesson, you will learn the responsibilities of private security, according to the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005 (PSISA). Pay close attention to the code of conduct as it outlines the rules and regulations you need to be aware of.



Provincial and Federal Statutes



As a Private Investigator, you will need to have a comprehensive knowledge of of the statutes that apply to your role, since you will be working within the federal and provincial statutes that relate to the industry. 

Criminal and Civil Law


Private investigators are expected to work in accordance with a wide range of criminal and civil legislative and procedural requirements while balancing their own organizational requirements. They should be familiar with the key legal and procedural principles of criminal and civil law as it applies to private investigation.


Investigative Techniques


Private investigators should have a thorough knowledge of research techniques, surveillance techniques, interviewing techniques, industry specific equipment and how to collect and preserve evidence. It is also imperative that private investigators understand how to take proper and complete notes. This section represents
generally accepted practices throughout the private investigation industry.



Principles of Ethical Reasoning/Decision-making


Private investigators are required to make quick decisions in a variety of situations and must utilize good judgment. They need to recognize and appropriately handle ethical dilemmas relating to diversity, cultural differences and contemporary social problems, as well as be familiar with the PSISA Code of Conduct and the concept of duty of care. 


Key Principles of Communications and Interaction


Private investigators encounter a wide range of situations and are required to act professionally under all circumstances. Effective communication is an essential skill for private investigators in order to adapt to different scenarios and diffuse situations when required. 


Self-management Skills


Private investigators should have the skills and knowledge required to work individually and as part of a team. They should be able to assess their own roles and responsibilities within a larger team framework, use acquired interpersonal skills to build positive relationships and comply with legislative and procedural requirements to complete tasks within designated timeframes.

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First Aid & CPR is required to get an ontario Private Investigator licence?

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Yes. All our courses meet the Ministry syllabus and prepare you for your exam.

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All our security guard training courses are held online except First Aid. However, we are opening our in-class training soon.

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There is no hidden fee. Our advertisement cost does not cover HST, the Ministry exam fee and Licence fee.

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Our in-house instructors are available Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM for any questions or concerns you may have if you are taking online course. Once you register, the phone number will be provided to the information package.

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When we send you TCN, the same email will have the necessary information where to write the exam. 

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